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Jenny, Pipe's Cove, Greenport, New York

Jenny, Pipe's Cove, Greenport, New York


Pipe's Cove is an absolutely beautiful place that is right off the Main Road after entering Greenport. Look for Pipe's Neck Road on the right when going East. This is just one of those beautiful wooden boats that you come across out here every once and a while.


I took this shot a number of years ago and returned the next morning to get another one and the boat was gone. After many attempts to track down the owner, I finally gave up. Five years later, I found it sitting on the curb with a "free" sign on it with the bottom in really bad shape.


My son and I restored it. It turns out to be a "skimmer", a kind of boat that was made out here in the 50's and 60's that, along with an oversized motor, was a common mode of transportation for Greenport kids.

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