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– About Bob's Prints –


The equivalent of an organic farm-to-table experience for your eyes.

Bob McInnis' limited-edition prints are so painstakingly composed, with rich colors and clean details, they're often confused with paintings straight out of an artist's imagination.


But, Bob uses no digital manipulation, colored filters, or any enhancement whatsoever. You're seeing the authentic, unaltered beauty of the North Fork in his prints.


Because the image instead needs to be finished while still in the camera on the film itself (Bob still uses film), it takes a lot of preparation and perseverance.


He spends hours working on his compositions, returning multiple times and waiting for the perfect lighting and weather.


In fact, the images on this page are pictures of the original film (they're really oversized slides).


As with the prints that are made from them, you're seeing precisely what the scene looked like. It's the equivalent of an organic farm-to-table experience for your eyes.


That's one of the reasons why Bob's prints are so popular (and many believe worth the extra investment): they're a constant reminder that, yes, the North Fork is actually this beautiful, all on its own.

The larger film format and pro equipment he shoots with produce prints as big as 4 feet x 5 feet and larger while still retaining their remarkable sharpness and clarity.


Bob doesn't show his work in a brick-and-mortar gallery. But, odds are you'll  see his work around town, For example, Century 21 Albertson Realty in Greenport Village owns and displays a large collection of his images—11 large-format prints—and they welcome visitors.


There are a lot of little factors that need to be obsessed over to get luxurious prints that look stunning, hold their value, and continue to remain interesting throughout the years. The kind of film, camera, composition, lighting, weather, patience, and, of course, the printing process itself, are just some of the things that'll determine the quality of the print. Bob is obsessed with every detail.


The result is the ultimate print of a stunning image that you can walk right up to and see incredible details throughout the print—even with the larger sizes.


Every print is custom made, color corrected, hand printed on archival paper, put through a number of quality tests before being numbered and signed by Bob.


Ultimately, you receive an exceptional print you'll treasure and pass down the through the generations.

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