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I'm a wedding photographer based on the North Fork of Long Island.

For over 30 years, I was an award-winning North Fork fine-art landscape (scenic) photographer using a fully manual film camera. The trick to good landscape photography is to be able to see what is actually making a scene so beautiful, and then knowing how to translate that emotion onto film. If you've ever taken a picture of a sunset and felt like the image just didn't really record the feeling of the moment, then you know what I mean.

I had been asked about shooting weddings over the years but always resisted because with film, you never really knew if you got the shot until days after the wedding was over. I never wanted to take that risk for something as important as someone's wedding.

But that all changed with digital cameras. I shot some images at my niece's wedding and shortly after I shot my first wedding--actually for a customer who years earlier had purchased one of my landscapes.

It turns out, years of finding and translating the beauty of a place onto film prepared me well for documenting the beauty, emotion, and story of a wedding.


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